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Lawn Maintanance

Elite Scapes and Design knows you have many choices when it comes to lawn service companies, but you deserve more than just a lawn cutter. Make sure the company you choose has the proper insurance. Many lawn service companies don't carry even the basic coverage's to protect their customers such as workers compensation, liability, and property damage. We at Elite Scapes and Design, carry the necessary certificate of insurance to cover all scopes of our work. Lastly, do not just settle for the lowest quoted price, it is usually a lower quote for a reason which may include questionable knowledge, quality, service and workmanship. Give your yard a chance to come to life, call us now.

Elite Scapes and Design Lawn Services

Lawn Cutting 
Cut in a different direction every time, all grass clippings captured in grass catchers, and waste hauled to compost sites. Grass will be trimmed, sidewalks edged, and all hard surfaces cleaned off.

Power Raking
Removes the buildup of excess dead plant material, improve water and nutrient flow to the roots. Heavy thatch can choke out grass, protect weeds and insects from the chemicals that fight them.

Lawn Aeration
Aerating your lawn reduces the compaction of the soils and encourages healthy root growth by allowing air, water, and nutrients direct access to the root system.

Vacation Watering
A program designed for people who want their lawns , gardens, or planters watered while being away for an extended amount of time. Come back to plants that look like you never left.

Elite Scapes and Design Garden Services

Spring and Fall Cleanup
Cleaning out all planting beds of fallen leaves, garbage, and dead annual plants. Hand raking lawn to pick up fallen leaves, fallen dead branches, garbage and haul away of clean up materials. 

Rota-tilling will break up the ground and grind it into fine particles. It will also mix different types of soil and nutrients to your garden and work them in evenly.

Taking care of those pesky plants in gardens, flower beds, or planters. Couple this with Rota-tilling and a weed preventer to give you virtually a weed free area.  

Flower Bed Planting
We have crews that can swarm a site and get the plants into the ground fast, freeing up your time to do something else.  

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